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0003520SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2019-03-14 08:48
ReportercborivantAssigned Topmarzullo 
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Product Version3.9.6 
Target Version3.10.0Fixed in Version3.10.0 
Summary0003520: Symadmin should have an option to unregister a node
DescriptionWriting some documentations for my coworkers, I just realize symadmin does not have this option.
the syntaxe could be for exemple "symadmin unregister -n node" and why not "symadmin unregister -g group"
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2019-01-21 10:37

developer   ~0001386

Added the ability to remove a node using the "symadmin" command line utility.

symadmin remove-node -n client1

If more than one engine, specify which engine:
symadmin remove-node -n client1 -e corp-000

Help output:
$ symadmin help
symadmin version 3.10.x-SNAPSHOT
Perform administration tasks with SymmetricDS.

Usage: symadmin <subcommand> --engine [] [options] [args]
       symadmin <subcommand> --properties [properties file] [options] [args]

Type 'symadmin help <subcommand>' for help on a specific subcommand.

Available subcommands:
   list-engines List engines configured on this instance
   open-registration Open registration for a node
   remove-node Remove specified node (unregister and clean up) for the
                         specified engine
   reload-node Reload data at a node (or initial load)
   reload-table Reload data at a node for tables
   export-batch Export batch CSV data from database
   import-batch Import batch CSV data into database
   run-job Run a job immediately
   run-purge Run the purge job
   encrypt-text Encrypt text string
   obfuscate-text Obfuscate text string
   create-war Create web archive for deployment
   create-sym-tables Create tables required by SymmetricDS
   export-sym-tables Export tables required by SymmetricDS
   sync-triggers Create database triggers
   drop-triggers Drop database triggers
   export-properties Export default properties
   send-sql Send SQL statement to node
   send-schema Send schema change to node
   send-script Send script to node
   uninstall Uninstall SymmetricDS from the database for the provided

$ symadmin help remove-node
Usage: symadmin remove-node <node-id>

Remove specified node (unregister and clean up) for the specified engine

   -n,--node <arg> Send to this node ID.

Engine options:
      --debug Print debug information in logging.
   -e,--engine <arg> The name of a configured engine. The name should
                           correspond to a setting in one of the
                           properties files in the engines directory.
   -h,--help Print help with each option and description.
      --no-log-console No output will be sent to the console.
      --no-log-file No output will be sent to the log file.
   -p,--properties <arg> The properties file with settings for the SymmetricDS
                           engine. If not provided, defaults are used, then
                           overridden with first in
                           classpath, then overridden with
                           values in user.home directory.
   -v,--verbose Use verbose format for console output.

Crypto options:
   -providerClass <arg> Class name of alternate crypto provider.
   -storepass <arg> Password for keystore [changeit].
   -storetype <arg> Type of keystore format [jks].

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SymmetricDS: 3.10 0dcde64e

2019-01-21 10:19:55


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0003520: Symadmin should have an option to unregister a node
mod - symmetric-client/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/ Diff File
mod - symmetric-client/src/main/resources/ Diff File

SymmetricDS: 3.10 fe55e4f1

2019-01-21 10:37:18


Details Diff
0003520: Symadmin should have an option to unregister a node
mod - symmetric-assemble/src/asciidoc/manage/ Diff File

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