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0003571SymmetricDS ProImprovementpublic2019-08-27 12:09
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Target Version3.11.0Fixed in Version3.11.0 
Summary0003571: On Nodes Panel, support network diagnostics for remote nodes
DescriptionAdd the ability to perform a network diagnostic with a remote node from the Manage > Nodes pabel. Maybe this would be a new menu item called "Test Connection" or something like that. Some ideas:

1) Base it off the remote node's /ping url
2) Check HTTP headers coming back (ie, is there a proxy intercepting? is the hostname even a SymDS server?)
3) Test different HTTP methods (GET/POST/PUT) to check for firewalls blocking.
4) Provide diagnostic info around the specific error (e.g. No route to host, unknown host, connection refused, connection timeout, etc.)

This info should be displayed to the user and also logged so it's available in support snapshots.
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2019-08-27 12:09

developer   ~0001595

I can't seem to get the button to activate in 3.10, and the button doesn't appear at all in 3.11

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