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0003776SymmetricDS ProNew Featurepublic2018-10-31 20:31
Reporterjosh-a-hicks Assigned Tojosh-a-hicks  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.9.15 
Target Version3.9.15Fixed in Version3.9.15 
Summary0003776: License key support for a mobile modifier
DescriptionA new attribute was added to the pro license to support a mobile modifier. This will default to 1 but can be set in the license to count mobile nodes (those with a deployment type of android, cclient, or mobile on sym_node) as a fraction of a node based on this multiplier.

For example if the mobile multiplier is 5 and max nodes is 2 a user could deploy a central node and up to 5 mobile nodes to remain within the constraints of the license. This is because the 5 mobile nodes will only be counted as 1 node in the node count check for the license violations. If a 6 mobile node is added in this case it would be in violation of max nodes because the license service would compute this as a total of 3 nodes (1 normal node, 5 mobile nodes to equal 1 normal node, and 1 additional mobile node that would be counted as a full node).

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