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Summary0004015: Switch to another DB user (Oracle)
DescriptionDear Team,

I need to change the database user to use another user which has all privilege to access to the same schema .

when I change the configuration to use the new user , SymmetricsDS tries recreate the sys tables , and I got the following error , is there a way to switch to another user without recreate for the sys tables

2019-06-19 14:57:19,855 WARN [headoffice-000] [OracleSymmetricDialect] [symmetric-startup] DDL failed: CREATE TABLE "SYM_CHANNEL"..
2019-06-19 14:57:19,855 ERROR [headoffice-000] [AbstractSymmetricEngine] [symmetric-startup] An error occurred while starting SymmetricDS
org.jumpmind.db.sql.SqlException: ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object
    at org.jumpmind.db.sql.AbstractSqlTemplate.translate(
    at org.jumpmind.db.sql.AbstractSqlTemplate.translate(
    at org.jumpmind.db.sql.JdbcSqlTemplate.execute(
    at org.jumpmind.db.sql.JdbcSqlTemplate.update(

Steps To ReproduceUpdate db.user and db.password on engine/*.properties

New user has all privileges to access the db schema
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2019-06-19 08:30

developer   ~0001535

I haven't seen that done before -- on Oracle, the user login determines the "schema" where tables will be created. SymmetricDS uses sys_context('USERENV', 'CURRENT_SCHEMA') as the default schema where SYM tables are created. If you can change the schema returned by that function, you might be able to switch users. You might be able to force the schema with a parameter like this:

db.init.sql=alter session set current_schema=oldschema;

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