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0004090SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-09-18 22:58
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Product Version3.10.4 
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Summary0004090: Relevant configuration information does not work (initial.load.create.first=false)
DescriptionThe following configuration does not work:
# When this node sends an initial load of data to another node, first send table create scripts.



2019-09-16 22:58

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2019-09-18 08:46

developer   ~0001599

Can you provide a little more information? For example, when you did your initial load, did you find that it sent down the table create batches whether you set the parameter to false or true? How did you go about initiating the initial load?


2019-09-18 22:58

reporter   ~0001601

My previous description may have problems. The server sometimes pushes the table structure to the client. Due to database design reasons(due to the database's table, there are both foreign keys and storage procedures in use), the client can not delete the database table., When the client inserts the same table into the database again, the client returns the error message.

I thought the configuration(initial.load.create.first) was used to set up whether or not to push the table structure. Do you support the configuration related to updating the table structure between the service and the client? At present, I do not need to update the table structure. Just update the data.

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