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0004329SymmetricDSBugpublic2023-05-26 14:17
Reporterbedenko Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version3.11.7 
Summary0004329: auto.reload.reverse not working
Descriptionwith auto.reload.reverse=true being set on master, initial reverse reload is not being pushed from client to master.
Steps To Reproduceclean installation on master and client.
Created table TBL_01 on master.
inserted standard sym_node, sym_node_group, sym_node_group_link, sym_trigger, sym_router, sym_trigger_router plus additional sym_transform_table:
insert into sym_transform_table(transform_id,source_node_group_id,target_node_group_id,transform_point,source_table_name,target_table_name,delete_action,column_policy) values
('table1', 'group1', 'master', 'Load', 'TBL', 'TBL_01', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED');

Additional Informationin sym_node_security rev_initial_load_enabled is set to 1 and this is pulled to client, but initial reload is still not being pushed to master.
Tagsconfiguration, data sync



2020-04-03 17:52

reporter   ~0001693

Additional info:
Client engine is Firebird, server engine is mysql.

Also initial.load.create.first is not working, but that can be a separate issue.


2020-04-03 18:17

reporter   ~0001694

And associated config...
config.txt (2,013 bytes)   
insert into sym_node_group (node_group_id)
values ('group-001');

insert into sym_node_group_link (source_node_group_id, target_node_group_id, data_event_action) values
('server', 'group-001', 'W'),
('group-001', 'server', 'P');

insert ignore into sym_trigger (trigger_id,source_table_name,channel_id,last_update_time,create_time) values

INSERT INTO sym_router(router_id,source_node_group_id,target_node_group_id,router_type,create_time,last_update_time)

insert into sym_trigger_router (trigger_id,router_id,initial_load_order,last_update_time,create_time) values
('table1','client_001_server', 100, current_timestamp, current_timestamp),
('table2','client_001_server', 100, current_timestamp, current_timestamp),
('table3','client_001_server', 100, current_timestamp, current_timestamp),
('table4','client_001_server', 100, current_timestamp, current_timestamp),
('table5','client_001_server', 90, current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

insert into sym_transform_table(transform_id,source_node_group_id,target_node_group_id,transform_point,source_table_name,target_table_name,delete_action,column_policy) values
('table1_001', 'group-001', 'server', 'Load', 'table1', 'table1_001', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED'),
('table2_001', 'group-001', 'server', 'Load', 'table2', 'table2_001', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED'),
('table3_001', 'group-001', 'server', 'Load', 'table3', 'table3_001', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED'),
('table4_001', 'group-001', 'server', 'Load', 'table4', 'table4_001', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED'),
('table5_001', 'group-001', 'server', 'Load', 'table5', 'table5_001', 'DEL_ROW', 'IMPLIED');
config.txt (2,013 bytes) (355 bytes) (276 bytes)


2022-08-08 16:16

developer   ~0002147

I tested setting auto.reload.reverse=true with a MySQL server node and a Firebird client node. I also set up a load transform for the table name just like the one that you provided. When I registered a new client node, the client created an initial load and pushed it to the server as expected. It's possible that this issue has already been resolved in some version later than 3.11.7.

Can you upgrade to the latest version of SymmetricDS and see if you still encounter this issue?

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