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0004342SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-05-20 13:30
Reporterjordanl010Assigned Toelong 
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Product Version3.11.7 
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Summary0004342: Could not find the target table
Descriptionhave a new issue that I am not sure if it's a bug or what. I have an android phone thats running symmetricds syncing up to a server installation. I let the phone run all weekend and noticed the android app crashed due to something that was unrelated to symmetric ds. Anyways, I reinstalled my android app and let it go through the initialization for symmetric again and now I cannot get past the error of "The incoming batch 000-9542 failed: Could not find the target table 'android_log'" on the server side and then "Could not find any database tables matching 'android_log' in the datasource that is configured" on the android side.

prior to this error showing, the initial load create first is set to true and it always created those tables that its saying it could not find

but now its stuck and cannot get to the point of creating those tables for some reason

ALSO: in the server DB the sym_table_reload_request table has a null load_id and after 45 minutes of waiting, no updates to that table.
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2020-04-13 11:17


corp-000 (6).properties (475 bytes)


2020-04-13 11:19

reporter   ~0001697

And here is my insert seed:

insert_sample (4).sql (14,934 bytes)


2020-04-13 11:25


android_log.txt (458,975 bytes)


2020-04-13 11:28


symmetric (2).log (12,270 bytes)


2020-04-13 15:31

reporter   ~0001698

It's definitely odd, something in a database that I have not come across yet seems to be hanging this up. Prior to this bug, I would uninstall the mobile app, install the app, and it would reinitialize and pull down the xml configurations for the three tables I need that it is barking about saying it's not found.


2020-04-20 10:16

reporter   ~0001704

Anyone have any time to check this one out yet?


2020-04-30 10:30

reporter   ~0001711



2020-05-01 17:11

developer   ~0001712

The initial load should create tables like employee_location on the Android SQLite database. I don't see that activity in the logs though. I see an initial load is requested, but I don't see it queue up. Maybe you should try clearing sym_table_reload_request and sym_table_reload_status and start over.

I also see a bunch of "Skipping batch 4A549477EDFF-6 that was already loaded". That sounds like you blew away the client but left the state on the server. You need to clear that node out of the server. See "symadmin remove-node".

I don't think this issue sounds like a bug, unless we find some improvement to make it easier to use or diagnose. It's probably better as a forum discussion.

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