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0004345SymmetricDSBugpublic2021-02-04 05:54
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Product Version3.11.7 
Summary0004345: Postgres array types improperly cast into non-array types
DescriptionWhen synchronizing a table that has the select Postgres value types that are arrays in Postgres, the PostgresSqlDmlStatement.appendColumnParameter incorrectly casts them as non-arrays.

The exception generated summary is:
org.jumpmind.db.sql.SqlException: ERROR: column "foo" is of type uuid[] but expression is of type uuid

This impacts the following Postgres array types:
* timestamp with time zone[]
* uuid[]
* bit varying[]
* interval[]
* tsvector[]

The two functions that would need to be corrected for this are:
* appendColumnParameter
* appendColumnEquals

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a table to sync:
    CREATE TABLE example(id integer, friends uuid[]);

2. Insert data:
    INSERT INTO example VALUES (1, null);
    INSERT INTO example VALUES (2, ['db3c1ff0-6a73-4aa3-86bd-53aa379b0dd7', 'e014d4fc-a14a-4d19-86dc-7ac78aa0c939']::uuid[]);

3. Allow data to synchronize.

Repeat with an update, or setting the values to NULL.
Additional InformationWhile in the same space, json/jsonb values are not being cast. Will look for additional bugs on this.

I have had to patch my Java code, and am using the "patches" folder to drop in a replacement. Happy to provide you the diff, branch+PR, etc.
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