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0004364SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-04-24 08:14
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Product Version3.11.7 
Summary0004364: Comma in table name
DescriptionWhen creating a trigger on a table containing a comma (for instance "Test,Table") the MsSqlDdlReader is trying to add a trigger on ALL tables of the database.

Soluce to create the trigger: Escape the comma by inserting a second comma -> Test,,Table
This solution works to add the trigger, but then it fails after :

2020-04-24 09:49:49,507 ERROR [node-nav] [AcknowledgeService] [qtp124058278-14] The outgoing batch 010-920 failed: Could not find the target table 'dbo.Table,Test'
Remark: "dbo.Table,Test" is the source table

use_source_catalog_schema is enabled in the router, but if I specify the target_schema_name and target_table_name in router (real target schema and table) it works for the routing.

Then, the issue (my main issue) is with the table_transform. They are not applied (EXTRACT or LOAD), with or without the comma escaping in table name.

Thanks for your help !
Steps To ReproduceSource: SQL Server with a table name: Test,Table
Target: PostgreSQL with a table name: TestTablePosgres

  source_schema_name: dbo
  source_table_name: Table,,Test

  target_schema_name: public
  target_table_name: TableTestPos

Transform Table:
  source_schema_name: dbo
  source_table_name: Table,,Test (or Table,Test)
  target_schema_name: public
  target_table_name: TableTestPos
Additional InformationAll other tables and parameters are well configured (transform column, trigger router, channel,...)
Tagsrouting, transformation, trigger


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