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0004389SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-05-07 17:40
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Product Version3.10.2 
Summary0004389: Issue in database connectivity with encrypted password in engine file
DescriptionI'm encrypting my database password by executing the command:
symadmin -e {engine name} encrypt-text 'text-to-encrypt'.

I try starting up SymmetricDS server with the encrypted password in my engine file and getting the error provided in the attachment.

This issue gets resolved using 2 of the below workarounds (Works sometime with step 1 and sometime with step 2) :
1.Encrypting the database password twice or thrice and using the latest one.
2.Replacing the 'security' folder , thus using new pair of 'cacerts' and 'keystore'.Then generating a new password and using it.

I'm deploying SymmetricDS server in Microsoft Azure.




2020-05-05 14:51


Symm.PNG (74,309 bytes)   
Symm.PNG (74,309 bytes)   


2020-05-07 17:40

developer   ~0001714

Can you attach the log? The cause of the exception is not shown in the image.

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