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0004399SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-05-14 12:05
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Product Version3.11.5 
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Summary0004399: Initial load breaks when changing parameters during initial load request processing with clustering
DescriptionRequest initial load with parameter datareload.batch.insert.transactional set to false.
Node will request initial load using sym_table_reload_request ALL/ALL.
Allow node to partially process initial load request.
Change a parameter, causing the initial load queue job to be cancelled, causing the data loader service to be interrupted.
When the initial load queue starts up again, it will pick up the same initial load request, and start creating duplicate initial load batches and extracts.
A restart of the node will cause the same problem.

Another issue that is caused is that the extract requests get stuck in a loop:
2020-05-14 08:26:45,818 INFO [xcenter] [DataExtractorService] [xcenter-dataextractor-511] Batch 906-290959498 is marked as ready but it is missing in staging. Rescheduling it for extraction.
2020-05-14 08:26:45,834 INFO [xcenter] [DataExtractorService] [xcenter-dataextractor-511] Resetting status of request 37450 to extract table tax_tax_rate_rule into batches 290959498 through 290959525 for node 906

This occurs over and over again, and as soon as one file is extracted (one batch), when it gets renamed to ".done", the file gets deleted.
Additional InformationLog file symmetric.log.interrupted has the interrupted first attempt: look for "Insert reload events was interrupted".
Log file symmetric.log.2.second_processing has the second attempt: look for "Queueing up an initial load to node 906".
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