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0004523SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-09-04 13:07
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Product Version3.12.3 
Summary0004523: MySql routing synchs out of order when null transaction IDs in sym_data records
DescriptionWhen MySql triggers do not capture a transaction ID (either the connection id is null or the transaction id is null), then a null value is saved in the transaction_id column of sym_data.

When the routing runs, and the batch algorithm is default or transactional, then the sym_data records with null transaction IDs can be synchronized out of order because they are put into a later batch then sym_data records captured after it but those sym_data records do have transaction IDs.

This has shown up now with 3 customers using MySql version 8.

I don't understand how the transaction ID is null.
Steps To ReproduceCapture two updates.
Make the first update have a null transaction ID.
Run routing, and check the order of the creation of the batches and the associated sym_data records.
They will be out of order.
Tagsdialect: mysql/mariadb


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