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0004559SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-09-18 19:28
Reporterpmarzullo Assigned To 
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Product Version3.11.5 
Summary0004559: Initial Load Status does not always capture complete set of batches completed
DescriptionSometimes, when a table reload request is created, the table reload status table does not get updated with all of the data batches loaded.
When this happens, the number in the column data_batch_count is greater than the data_batch_loaded value, the completed flag never gets set to 1, and the user interface does not show that the load is complete (does not remove it from the active screen).

This is confusing to the user because the load never shows up as completed.
Steps To ReproduceDon't know how to reproduce.
Tagsinitial/partial load


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