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0004566SymmetricDS ProImprovementpublic2022-09-13 18:55
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Target Version3.12.4Fixed in Version3.12.4 
Summary0004566: Allow conflict edit panel to set ping back
DescriptionPing back was removed from the screen in 0004301 to simplify configuration, but it turns out ping back of SINGLE_ROW is needed in some scenarios. It allows the target database to capture the incoming change when it is the winner of conflict.

1. Multi-primary. With more than 2 nodes in bi-directional mode, the losing node's row is ignored at the winning node, and the winning node's row is loaded at the losing node. But the winning node may sync to other nodes first, where the row is loaded. Then the losing node syncs its row, but the conflict resolver of type NEWER_WINS sees nothing newer in the target node's capture log. Letting the losing node capture the winning row will follow-up the losing row with the winning row when the losing node syncs to other target nodes.

2. Two tier. When multiple clients sync to server, a conflict at the server can capture the winning row and sync it back out to other clients that need the change to remain consistent.
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related to 0004301 closedelong Simplify conflicts screen to encourage valid settings 


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