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0004633SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-11-20 00:50
Reporterdgreiss Assigned Toelong  
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Product Version3.12.5 
Summary0004633: Tables not created on initial load
DescriptionUpgrading from 3.9 to the latest version 3.12.5, I found that tables are not created on initial load. Previously I set initial.load.create.first=true and the tables were created at the target node. I’ve tested this setting with MSSQL, Postgres and MariaDB
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2020-11-18 18:30

developer   ~0001842

It works for me. I set initial.load.create.first=true and then ran update sym_node_security set initial_load_enabled = 1 where node_id = '2'. It also works with auto.reload=true to send the initial load and create tables when a new node registers. The parameter needs to be set at the source node. Please provide steps to reproduce.


2020-11-20 00:50

reporter   ~0001850

Ok I’ll create a repo to reproduce the issue. Just need a few days to get to it.

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