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0005018SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2021-07-13 19:48
Reporterelong Assigned Torudiejd  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.12.0 
Target Version3.12.11Fixed in Version3.12.11 
Summary0005018: MS log miner needs snapshot isolation to work under heavy load
DescriptionThe Log Miner for Microsoft SQL-Server database needs to use snapshot isolation to avoid concurrency issues that result in missing changes. The changetable may not reflect all changes for the current change number returned by change_tracking_current_version() with other isolation levels.

Setting needed in engine file:


SQL needed to run on database:




2021-06-14 18:17

developer   ~0001951

added permissions check in wizard & alter database to use snapshot isolation in trigger setup

Related Changesets

SymmetricDS: 3.12 2c4845dd

2021-06-10 16:35:33


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5018: Add permission check for database altering before allowing user to install SQL Server node with log-based replication (0000159)

* 5018: add permission check for altering databases to wizard for sql server log-based repl

* 5018: add permission check for altering databases to wizard for sql server log-based repl
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