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0005112SymmetricDS ProImprovementpublic2022-07-27 20:54
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Summary0005112: Kafka Advanced Settings to include ability to specify kafkaclient properties
DescriptionWhen configuring a kafka client (producer), there is the ability to specify engine properties that can be passed on to the kafka client in a format understood by the SymmetricDS software. Any property that has "kafkaclient." as the start of the name of the property will be passed to the kafka client software as part of its configuration.

We should include a way on the advanced settings page for the kafka node to specify kafkaclient properties so that the engine file does not have to be manually edited outside of the SymmetricDS user interface to make it easier to set up things like SSL connection for the kafka client.
Additional InformationHere is a customer testimonial about this improvement:

We've noticed that when we set up a Local Node for Kafka (Load only) in JumpMind, there's no where to specify keystore/truststore settings for 2-way SSL with an external Kafka consumer.

We've observed SSL handshake errors in the logs of our external Kafka consumer when JumpMind is attempting to push messages to the topics on the external Kafka consumer. We were able to mitigate those errors by:
Laying down a new JKS keystore on JumpMind's filesystem whose password is not obfuscated by JumpMind
Update /opt/symmetric-ds/engines/ with the following:
If it's something they can incorporate in a future release in the Node configuration wizard for Kafka (Load only), that would be great so that we wouldn't need to manually update the Kafka node engine file directly as a post-install step.
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