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0005128SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2022-08-15 16:10
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Product Version3.12.12 
Summary0005128: SymmetricDS ignores case sensitivity and merges different rows into a single row in target
DescriptionWe have realized the tables on the target node have fewer row numbers than the source and we looked into the details and it turned out like the following

we have Oracle source and MariaDB destination

for instance, we have 2 rows on the source like this

1 123abc 5 7
1 123ABC 5 7

these are different rows on the source but SymmetricDS migrates these two rows into a single row like below

1 123abc 5 7
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2021-12-01 18:30

developer   ~0002022

That sounds like case insensitive (CI) collation on MariaDB. The database rejects the second row because it violates the primary key, then SymmetricDS turns the insert into an update and overwrites the row. Change the collation of the database on MariaDB to be cases sensitive and you will get both rows.

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