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0005395SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-08-30 13:04
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Product Version3.14.0 
Target Version3.14.1Fixed in Version3.14.1 
Summary0005395: H2 database (or load only database) gets alter timestamp(0) every time starting
DescriptionThe H2 platform incorrectly detects a model change for TIMESTAMP columns on configuration tables. In the logs, it will be shown as altering the columns:

INFO [server] [LogSqlResultsListener] [symmetric-engine-startup-1] DDL applied: ALTER TABLE "DDLTEST"."PUBLIC"."SYM_CHANNEL"
INFO [server] [LogSqlResultsListener] [symmetric-engine-startup-1] DDL applied: ALTER TABLE "DDLTEST"."PUBLIC"."SYM_CHANNEL"

It doesn't hurt anything, but it's an unnecessary alter to run. The columns were actually created as TIMESTAMP without any specification in parenthesis, which gets the default fractional second precision of 9. However, an idiosyncrasy of H2 is that it reads back as 10 in the metadata. The other problem is that the ColumnSizeChange is created from the symmetric-schema.xml, which has null for the size, and the ModelComparator should then get the default size from the platform's database info.
Tagsddl/schema, dialect: h2


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SymmetricDS: 3.14 573a8389

2022-08-08 19:53:26


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