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Fast & Flexible Database Replication

SymmetricDS is open source database replication software that focuses on features and cross platform compatibility.

Cross Platform
Replicate data across different platforms, with compatibility for many databases. Sync from any database to any database in a heterogeneous environment.
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Scale Out Performance
Optimized for performance and scalability, replicate thousands of databases asynchronously in near real time, and span replication across multiple tiers.
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Flexible Configuration
Configure which tables and columns to sync, and in which direction. Subset rows and distribute them across databases. Combine, filter, and transform data.
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SymmetricDS 3.12.0 is released! Here are some highlights:

  • Conflict resolution based on newer capture time, now the system default
  • Modules system for smaller download size and flexibility
  • Upgraded to HTTP/2 for more efficient use of network and better security
  • Lock out of nodes when too many failed login attempts
  • Fixed index on sym_data to be unique, which will help execution plans
  • Improved Oracle triggers to handle multiple character sets
  • Upgraded to log4j2 logging system

Download SymmetricDS 3.12.0 now!

See the 3.12.0 change log for more details.

Latest Release

SymmetricDS 3.12.11 is now available! Released on 2021-07-13.

There were 311 downloads this week.

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  • SymmetricDS Transformation Pipeline
    Written by Josh Hicks

    Often when setting up data replication it is necessary to redirect or transform the source tables and columns into a different set of target tables and columns.   SymmetricDS offers this transformation feature as part of the real time data replication workflow.   Below we will review the places within the workflow this transformation can take place and how to configure it.

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Code Commits

  • rev ebf1c07 by Eric Long
    12:43pm, 24 Sep 21
    add to no engine required
  • rev 1d517d2 by Eric Long
    8:51pm, 23 Sep 21
    0004957: allow upgrade/downgrade between CLOB and LONGVARCHAR defn
  • rev 9f63f85 by JD
    8:48pm, 23 Sep 21
    0004957: large column values cannot fit into derby sym_data (#171)
  • rev 1acd7fe by Eric Long
    7:59pm, 23 Sep 21
    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.12' into 3.13 Conflicts: symmetric-core/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/service/impl/MailService.java symmetric-core/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/service/impl/TransformService.java symmetric-core/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/service/impl/TriggerRouterService.java symmetric-db/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/db/sql/Row.java symmetric-io/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/io/data/writer/DefaultDatabaseWriter.java
  • rev f31c4ba by JD
    6:21pm, 23 Sep 21
    0002382: file creation dates not retained in target (#172)
  • rev 8f6e691 by evan-miller-jumpmind
    5:47pm, 23 Sep 21
    0005089: Corrected mistake
  • rev 4f474f4 by evan-miller-jumpmind
    5:41pm, 23 Sep 21
    0005089: Prevented Sybase from inserting spaces into sym_router and sym_trigger_router instead of empty strings or null values