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Fast & Flexible Database Replication

SymmetricDS is open source database replication software that focuses on features and cross platform compatibility.

Cross Platform
Replicate data across different platforms, with compatibility for many databases. Sync from any database to any database in a heterogeneous environment.
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Scale Out Performance
Optimized for performance and scalability, replicate thousands of databases asynchronously in near real time, and span replication across multiple tiers.
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Flexible Configuration
Configure which tables and columns to sync, and in which direction. Subset rows and distribute them across databases. Combine, filter, and transform data.
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SymmetricDS 3.12.2 is released! Here are some highlights:

  • Added https.need.client.auth property for enabling client TLS cert authentication
  • Auto resolve conflict for blocking row that is self-referencing foreign key
  • Fixed partial reloads from sending too many rows when table has self-referencing foreign key
  • Fixed identifiers on Oracle server in compatibility mode
  • Fixed error in conflict detection for LOB/TEXT data types
  • Fixed Kafka/Confluent modules installation
  • Code cleanup for miscellaneous null pointer exceptions

Download SymmetricDS 3.12.2 now!

See the 3.12.2 change log for more details.

Latest Release

SymmetricDS 3.12.5 is now available! Released on 2020-11-11.

There were 505 downloads this week.

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