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Fast & Flexible Database Replication

SymmetricDS is open source database replication software that focuses on features and cross platform compatibility.

Cross Platform
Replicate data across different platforms, with compatibility for many databases. Sync from any database to any database in a heterogeneous environment.
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Scale Out Performance
Optimized for performance and scalability, replicate thousands of databases asynchronously in near real time, and span replication across multiple tiers.
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Flexible Configuration
Configure which tables and columns to sync, and in which direction. Subset rows and distribute them across databases. Combine, filter, and transform data.
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SymmetricDS 3.12.6 is released! This release fixes 34 issues and adds 12 improvements. Here are some highlights:

  • Conflict resolver inclusion of unique key and win/lose foreign key chain
  • Fixes for multi-primary replication and initial load
  • Postgres improved conflict resolution to avoid aborted transactions
  • DB2 support for XML data type
  • DB2 z/OS support for loop prevention and CLOB data type
  • Fixes for conflicts during initial load

Download SymmetricDS 3.12.6 now!

See the 3.12.6 change log for more details.

Latest Release

SymmetricDS 3.12.10 is now available! Released on 2021-05-28.

There were 266 downloads this week.

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  • Clustering SymmetricDS
    Written by Josh Hicks

    Setting up SymmetricDS for clustering can be done a few different ways and can help solve a few different use cases.   This blog will address a few of the common setups we see while utilizing clustering.

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Code Commits

  • rev e2e80a5 by Eric Long
    5:27pm, 16 Jun 21
    add logging of jdbc type
  • rev 61604fe by Philip Marzullo
    8:21pm, 14 Jun 21
    0005030: Load Filter documentation indicates that Java and BSH are the only available scripting, but there is also SQL
  • rev c931c16 by joshhicks
    8:01pm, 14 Jun 21
    0005029: Push acknowledgements are not ordered by batch id
  • rev a10ab85 by Philip Marzullo
    7:04pm, 14 Jun 21
    0003897: Cleanly exit all job threads when engine is stopped
  • rev 033641a by Philip Marzullo
    6:45pm, 14 Jun 21
    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.12' into 3.13 Conflicts: symmetric-core/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/db/DatabaseUpgradeListener.java
  • rev 2feb6ca by joshhicks
    5:34pm, 14 Jun 21
    0005027: Fix NPE when a trigger hist is rebuilt with a reason code of H during routing
  • rev 6ae4759 by Eric Long
    7:53pm, 11 Jun 21
    0005025: Informix dialect with page size 2k