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0003295SymmetricDSBugpublic2017-10-29 19:21
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Product Version3.8.30 
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Summary0003295: Sync from MySql to MSSql initial load - table create fails on Decimal Precision
DescriptionWhen trying to setup and initial load data from MySql to SQL SERVER 2012. The initial load fails on creating table with error "Column or parameter 0000007: Specified column precision 40 is greater than the maximum precision of 38."

MySql Table:
Running alter sql:
SET quoted_identifier on;
SET quoted_identifier on;
CREATE TABLE "calcbillmonthtotal_savings"(
    "school" INT NOT NULL,
    "resource" VARCHAR(11) NOT NULL,
    "unit_of_measure" VARCHAR(5) NOT NULL,
    "month" DATETIME NOT NULL,
    "students" INT NOT NULL,
    "actual_cost" DECIMAL(34,4),
    "actual_usage" DECIMAL(40,4),
    "actual_peak_usage" DECIMAL(40,4),
    "actual_offpeak_usage" DECIMAL(40,4),
    "actual_usage_per_student" DECIMAL(42,12),
    "baseline_start" DATETIME NOT NULL,
    "baseline_end" DATETIME NOT NULL,
    "baseline_months" INT NOT NULL,
    "historic_cost_per_unit" DECIMAL(20,12) DEFAULT 0.000000000000 NOT NULL,
    "baseline_usage_per_student" DECIMAL(20,12),
    "historic_cost" DECIMAL(60,16) DEFAULT 0.0000000000000000 NOT NULL,
    "usage_saving" DECIMAL(53,12),
    "usage_saving_per_student" DECIMAL(43,12),
    "cost_saving" DECIMAL(65,24) DEFAULT 0.000000000000000000000000 NOT NULL,
    "cost_saving_per_student" DECIMAL(63,24) DEFAULT 0.000000000000000000000000 NOT NULL,
    "emission_saving" DECIMAL(63,18),
    PRIMARY KEY ("school", "resource", "unit_of_measure", "month", "students", "actual_cost", "actual_usage", "actual_peak_usage", "actual_offpeak_usage", "actual_usage_per_student", "baseline_start", "baseline_end", "baseline_months", "historic_cost_per_unit", "baseline_usage_per_student", "historic_cost", "usage_saving", "usage_saving_per_student", "cost_saving", "cost_saving_per_student", "emission_saving")

How to configure or setup Sync successfully?
Steps To Reproduce* Setup an Server => Client sync from MySql to Sql Server 2012
* initiate a initial load.
* Fails when creating the table that has Decimal and precision greater than 38.


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