Released 2016-09-30
0002834: [Bug] SQL Server table create fails for date type numeric() identity (josh-a-hicks)
0002801: [Bug] Ignoring a batch will not send the ignore properly to targets (josh-a-hicks)
0002803: [Bug] Outgoing purge job is slower than it needs to be (chenson)
0002807: [Bug] DBCompare should process tables that have a PK mapped in a transform, even if they don't have a physical PK (mmichalek)
0002808: [Improvement] Update cacerts file to latest version (elong)
0002809: [Improvement] Parameter to trust mail server certificate (elong)
0002813: [Bug] Remove monitor event and console event from configuration (elong)
0002814: [Bug] Add debug logging for SMTP session (elong)
0002815: [Improvement] Add an online() call to IOfflineClientListener (elong)
0002805: [Bug] mysql_bulk may cause NullPointerException (elong)
0002816: [Bug] org.jumpmind.symmetric.service.impl.ConfigurationService#channelWindowsByChannelCache filling error (elong)
0002817: [Bug] User Guide misstype (elong)
0002818: [Bug] RouterService is deadlocking on SQLite when clustering enabled (mmichalek)
0002820: [Bug] Unclear meaning of dbcompare's --use-sym-config (mmichalek)
0002823: [Bug] Value too large for router_id in sym_data_event error (elong)
0002825: [Bug] Data with ID = 0 is routed perpetually when using DataGapFastDetector (mmichalek)
0002812: [Improvement] Provide a means to override the default semicolon delimiter for SQL event batches (mhanes)
0002831: [Bug] Newline converison in data can cause data truncation error (elong)
0002832: [Improvement] Sql server unable to read meta data (tables) from when using other databases (josh-a-hicks)
0002833: [Bug] Batch extraction stuck in loop (elong)
0002836: [Improvement] Reduce checks for old files in stage management (elong)
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