0005304: [Bug] Snapshot Fails to Find SingleStore Enum (cquamme)
0005265: [Improvement] Update drivers, modules, and libraries (emiller)
0005239: [Bug] Conflict resolution doesn't work if timestamp is in PK and different fractional second precision between databases (elong)
0005269: [Improvement] Variables of source catalog/schema names for use in target catalog/schema fields in routing (elong)
0005280: [Improvement] Table DDL with timestamp and fractional second precision (elong)
0004724: [Improvement] Send column with timestamp datatype from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL (elong)
0005122: [Bug] Wrong conversion from mssql datetime(7) to mysql/mariadb (elong)
0004723: [Improvement] Send column with Oracle DATE type to PostgreSQL (elong)
0003962: [Bug] Oracle's TIMESTAMP with Time Zone doesn't map to MariaDB (elong)
0002261: [Bug] Schema from Postgres outputs TIMESTAMPTZ that is not compatible with other databases (elong)
0003778: [Bug] Send table fails when sending H2 Timestamp to MySQL (elong)
0005278: [Improvement] Alphabetize list of tables in user guide (emiller)
0005238: [Improvement] Bulk loaders should report missing table (elong)
0005203: [Improvement] Sync incoming load details to target node (table_reload_status, extract_request) (elong)
0005210: [Improvement] Routing reader may use multiple queries for a large number of gaps (elong)
0005198: [Improvement] Clean up the consistent use of table constants for registration, trigger installation, extract, and export (elong)
0005178: [New Feature] Push registration to nodes when group links indicate push (elong)
0005180: [New Feature] Schedule registration of a node for a window of time (elong)
0002972: [Improvement] Registration order of nodes should not matter (elong)
0005138: [Improvement] Build a cache manager to centralize the handling of data caches (pmarzullo)
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