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0001419SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-02-03 01:53
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Product Version3.5.6 
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Summary0001419: USE_STREAM_LOBS=1 in Oracle does not replicate LOB data
DescriptionWe just upgraded Symmetricds from 3.4.x to latest 3.5.6 and now none of the BLOB data is replicated between the systems. The sym_triggers are configured to have USE_STREAM_LOBS=1 and USE_CAPTURE_LOBS=0. All the LOB data is now replicated as NULL to another system.

LOB replication did work fine with 3.4.x SymmetricDS

I have tried to change the configuration to USE_STREAM_LOBS=1 and USE_CAPTURE_LOBS=1, but it did not help.

I also tried to change configuration to USE_STREAM_LOBS=0 and USE_CAPTURE_LOBS=1, but this causes the SymmetricDS basically freeze. It will take so much time to process the rows that the replication cannot keep up with the incoming rows. The CPU for SymmetricDS is in top all the time with this setting.

We are having three node system with two masters (read&write) and one read-only database.
Master 1 is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 + Oracle 11gR2
Master 2 is running on Oracle Linux 6.4 + Oracle 11gR2
Backup db is running on Oracle Linux 6.4 + Oracle 11gR2

This is our production system and the data is currently corropting quickly. I had to take master 2 offline and to stop replication to prevent data corruption.

Oracle databases are performing OK all the time, only problem right now is the replication.

Could you please help urgently with this.
Steps To Reproducecreate a table which have big LOB values in Oracle, set the sym_trigger for it to USE_STREAM_LOBS=1 and USE_CAPTURE_LOBS=0
=> the LOB data is replivated as NULL to another system
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2013-09-13 07:02

reporter   ~0000377

This problem seems to happen with NCLOB and CLOB fields too in addition to BLOB. This problem basically makes SymmetricDS to be sompletely useless.

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SymmetricDS: master 5f5b6c10

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