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0001562SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-02-15 19:20
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Summary0001562: Routing using TransactionId causes bad routing when H2 DB is restarted
DescriptionWhen uses default algorithm for routing in the channels (transactional=true), if you are in H2 DataBase (could happend in more databases), if the DB restarts without made the routing, the transaction Id could be repeated again in future transactions, so when the jobs route data, it is routing basing the transaction id, that could be the same for data that was captured in differents restarts of database and symmetricsds get an error because it routes in bad order.

You can see getTransactionId of H2 (The value is unique across database restarts (values are not re-used):

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2014-02-05 21:24

administrator   ~0000460

Good catch. I'm going to append a static timestamp to the end of the TRANSACTION_ID() method call so the captured transaction ids will look like this:


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