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0004217SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-01-03 08:05
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Product Version3.10.5 
Summary0004217: Does not replicate index with upper function on PostgreSQL
DescriptionI've created a test table and created normal index. Then I've send changes to other node .

But when I add second index with upper function SymmetricDS could not send this index to other node.
Steps To Reproduce
Test scenario is below.

1. CREATE TABLE public.basket_b (
    id int4 NOT NULL,
    fruit varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT basket_b_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

2. CREATE INDEX basket_b_idx01 ON basket_b USING btree (fruit);

3. bin/symadmin sync-triggers

4. bin/symadmin send-schema -n SCC2 basket_b
  Log file on SCC2 node
  2019-12-31 10:08:15,674 INFO [SCC2] [PostgreSql95DatabasePlatform] [scc2-dataloader-15801] Running alter sql:
  CREATE INDEX "basket_b_idx01" ON "public"."basket_b" ("fruit");

Index with upper function
1. CREATE INDEX basket_b_idx02 ON basket_b USING btree (upper(fruit));

2. bin/symadmin sync-triggers

3. bin/symadmin send-schema -n SCC2 basket_b

  Log file on SCC2 node
  2019-12-31 10:09:16,663 INFO [SCC2] [PostgreSql95DatabasePlatform] [scc2-dataloader-15806] Tables up to date. No
  alters found for public.basket_b
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2020-01-03 08:05

reporter   ~0001670

MAybe it can be related with " character. Probably SymmetricDS generates create script with " character and PpostgreSQL can not execute it.

i.e : CREATE INDEX "basket_b_idx02" ON "basket_b" ("upper((fruit)::text)"); gives an error :
   SQL Error [42703]: ERROR: column "upper((fruit)::text)" does not exist

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