0004748: [Improvement] Add more console events (emiller)
0004753: [Improvement] Add server-side lazy loading to SQL Explorer tree (emiller)
0004754: [Improvement] Add lazy loading to Manage Console Events screen (emiller)
0004755: [Improvement] Firebird blocking transaction in support snapshot (elong)
0004756: [Improvement] Prevent table & file routing from being deleted via auto create wizard (emiller)
0004757: [Improvement] Open node setup wizard when database icon is clicked (emiller)
0004758: [Improvement] Parameter console.ip.addr.filter should apply to welcome wizard (elong)
0004759: [New Feature] Add option to require a user to change their password on their next login (emiller)
0004760: [Bug] Fix batch screen lazy loading bugs (emiller)
0004761: [New Feature] Add console.password.min.change.chars parameter (emiller)
0004766: [New Feature] Add shortcut to skip admin user configuration (elong)
0004767: [Bug] Cannot save integer parameters greater than 999 (emiller)
0004769: [Bug] Mixed Pro/OSS deployment syncs sym_console_role table (elong)
0004768: [Bug] Hide system channels from Configure Table Triggers screen dropdowns when console.web.hide.system.info is true (emiller)
0004770: [Bug] Include "https" instead of "http" in the default sync url when https.enable is true (emiller)
0004771: [Bug] Fix sorting on batch screens (emiller)
0004772: [Improvement] For upgrades, default https2 disabled (elong)
0004773: [Improvement] Require the interface name field when creating or editing a BeanShell extension (emiller)
0004774: [Improvement] Add failed logins column to grid on Configure Users screen (emiller)
0004775: [Improvement] Add validate button when entering BeanShell scripts to send to other nodes (emiller)
0004776: [Improvement] Lazily load the full list of nodes into the data load wizard's grid (emiller)
0004777: [Improvement] Improve BeanShell editors (emiller)
0004778: [Improvement] Allow disabling of node_password encryption (elong)
0004781: [Improvement] Improve cron schedule editor (emiller)
0004784: [Bug] SQL Server Log Miner formats row_data incorrectly when value contains backslash (pmarzullo)
0004785: [Improvement] Load user guide by section to conserve memory (elong)
0004788: [Improvement] Improve editor cancellation (emiller)
0004789: [Improvement] Adjust default sync URL (emiller)
0004790: [Bug] Fix batch screen "<Not Ok>" filter (emiller)
0004791: [Bug] Fix side-by-side documentation being cut off (emiller)
0004792: [Improvement] Improve update statements in SQL explorer (emiller)
0004793: [Bug] Trust store password is required when storing (elong)
0004794: [Bug] Installer error String index out of range: -1 (elong)
0004796: [Bug] Fix batch window NullPointerException (emiller)
0004799: [New Feature] Console user authentication with client certificate (X.509) (elong)
0004801: [Improvement] Update wording for the 3 setup options on welcome wizard (elong)
0004803: [Bug] Fix Configure Table Triggers screen slowness (emiller)
0004805: [New Feature] MSSQL Log based loop prevention and sync on incoming support (josh-a-hicks)
0004806: [Bug] Fix transaction file generation for MySQL 5.5 and earlier (emiller)
0004807: [Improvement] Monitor summary clearing all errors and delay (elong)
0004808: [Improvement] Add configure links to monitor summary dialog (emiller)
0004809: [Improvement] Enhance Send Table Schema window (emiller)
0004811: [Bug] Fix load wizard table selection screen (emiller)
0004813: [Improvement] Improve multi-select grid behavior (emiller)
0004815: [Improvement] Set node.password.encrypt.enable=false when a new node is added with cluster locks enabled (emiller)
0004816: [Bug] Design tab not displaying transforms correctly when "use source catalog/schema" turned on the router (josh-a-hicks)
0004820: [Bug] Fix Oracle SqlException on batch screens (emiller)
0004822: [Improvement] Improve background refresher registration (emiller)
0004827: [Improvement] Improve Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0004829: [Improvement] Improve appearance of validation error messages (emiller)
0004832: [Improvement] Replace invalid characters in group IDs (emiller)
0004834: [Improvement] Improve appearance of parameterized messages in monitor summary dialog (emiller)
0004836: [Improvement] Allow spaces in external id (josh-a-hicks)
0004837: [New Feature] Support for a new variable in trigger source table name to expand upon based on configured nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0004839: [Bug] Push and pull threads panel shows file sync when not enabled (elong)
0004844: [Improvement] Alphabetize dropdowns in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004845: [Improvement] Fix default grid sort order on Manage Outgoing Loads screen (emiller)
0004846: [New Feature] Add profiles to Data Load Wizard (emiller)
0004848: [Improvement] Improve statistics on incoming batch details window (emiller)
0004850: [Improvement] Improve error resolution on incoming batch details window (emiller)
0004851: [Bug] Fix download CSV button on batch details window (emiller)
0004854: [Bug] Fix node selection grid in data load wizard (emiller)
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