0004881: [Bug] Sybase issue with getting update counts (josh-a-hicks)
0004841: [Improvement] Improve batch screen grid performance (emiller)
0004853: [Improvement] Improve grids on batch details window (emiller)
0004855: [Improvement] Enable the Ignore Batch option for any batch that is not ok or ignored (emiller)
0004856: [Improvement] Improve columns of batch screen grids (emiller)
0004858: [Bug] Fix grid bug on captured data tab of outgoing batch details window (emiller)
0004861: [New Feature] Add Clear Error button to batch screens (emiller)
0004863: [Bug] Null Pointer on new Transform panel when meta data is turned off (josh-a-hicks)
0004864: [Improvement] Update design view to display log based and load only databases along with proper database icon (josh-a-hicks)
0004868: [Improvement] Add the target.* properties to the symmetric-default.properties file so that they show up on the Manage Startup Parameters (pmarzullo)
0004869: [Improvement] Get rid of deprecated usages in gradle build in preparation for upgrade of gradle (pmarzullo)
0004870: [Improvement] Improve grid on Help Support screen (emiller)
0004871: [New Feature] Add trigger synchronization progress bar (emiller)
0004875: [Improvement] Remove "Save Failed" pop-up from forms (emiller)
0004876: [Bug] SQL Server: log mining capture should wrap all non-null values in double quotes (pmarzullo)
0004877: [Bug] Fix exception in node setup wizard (emiller)
0004878: [Improvement] Improve appearance of schedule field in job form (emiller)
0004879: [Bug] Fix message on node status dashboard panel (emiller)
0004883: [Improvement] Improve batch screen grid filter (emiller)
0004885: [Improvement] Hide Resolve Data tab when it's empty (emiller)
0004886: [New Feature] Add node installation progress bar (emiller)
0004887: [Bug] Oracle log miner stops processing rows when running into a DML statement that is not parseable (pmarzullo)
0004889: [Bug] Fix table count in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004890: [Bug] dbcp2 package requires setting of validation query, otherwise it runs jdbc driver isValid() method, causing problems (pmarzullo)
0004891: [Bug] Oracle log miner fails to move forward in the log mining when starting SCN is too low (pmarzullo)
0004893: [Improvement] Add filters to the grid on the send table schema window (emiller)
0004894: [Improvement] Oracle Log Miner: should show SQL statement in log when parsing fails (pmarzullo)
0004896: [Bug] Fix TreeGrid style being changed when visiting the Design tab (emiller)
0004897: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner: handle parse exceptions by logging and moving on (pmarzullo)
0004898: [Improvement] Move remaining calls to syncTrigger() to background thread (emiller)
0004901: [Bug] Fix inability to open multiple form tabs at once (emiller)
0004904: [Improvement] Improve data load wizard's criteria screen (emiller)
0004905: [Bug] Fix authentication failure dialog style on Configure LDAP screen (emiller)
0004907: [Improvement] Add router selection to quick config wizard (emiller)
0004908: [Improvement] Add option to reset row replication statistics (emiller)
0004909: [New Feature] Add snapshot progress bar (emiller)
0004910: [Improvement] Oracle auto create trigger options for LONG and ROWID (elong)
0004911: [Improvement] Temporarily default to HTTPS 1.1 instead of 2 for stability (elong)
0004912: [New Feature] Add ignore batch progress bar (emiller)
0004918: [New Feature] Add auto create channels window (emiller)
0004919: [Bug] Fix custom transforms in transform column editor (emiller)
0004921: [Improvement] Improve node terminal window (emiller)
0004922: [Improvement] Prevent node installation dialog from being dismissed on first-time setup (emiller)
0004923: [Improvement] Improve appearance of violation panel (emiller)
0004924: [Improvement] Add a user-specific setting for showing advanced form fields (emiller)
0004926: [Improvement] Add insert button to transform column editor (emiller)
0004928: [Bug] Fix incoming batch download button (emiller)
0004930: [Bug] Fix NullPointerException in the resolve data tab of the batch details window (emiller)
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