0004872: [Improvement] Design screen will display transforms that are not linked up properly (josh-a-hicks)
0004917: [Bug] Unable to configure mail server- bad credentials -irrespective of giving the correct credentials. (elong)
0004935: [Improvement] Skip a specific source row in batch thru the front-end (emiller)
0004936: [Bug] Fix date sorting in grids (emiller)
0004937: [Improvement] Save grid column visibility when switching screens (emiller)
0004938: [Improvement] Open quick config wizard when table or file sync icon is clicked (emiller)
0004939: [Improvement] Stop resetting the position of the vertical split in the Design tab (emiller)
0004946: [Bug] Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the resolve data tab of the batch details window (emiller)
0004956: [Bug] Fix ClassNotFoundException in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004959: [Bug] Mail server password not working (elong)
0004961: [Bug] Fix unknown error on the NodesPanel when there are nodes in multiple tiers (elong)
0004962: [Bug] Error on outgoing batch panel on postrgres (chenson)
0004969: [Bug] Enable debug logging for log miner (elong)
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