0005231: [Improvement] Support snapshot file improvements (elong)
0004348: [New Feature] Installer prompt for Windows logon as user
0005253: [Bug] Elasticsearch SSL Connection Issues (jvanmeter)
0005257: [Improvement] Rows in the SQL Explorer TreeGrid should only expand or collapse when the arrow is clicked (emiller)
0005259: [Bug] Log based configurations do not sort initial load properly by foreign keys (josh-a-hicks)
0005232: [Improvement] Oracle enhanced permission checks for log based replication (josh-a-hicks)
0005245: [Bug] Prevent duplicate Export button from appearing in DB Export dialog (emiller)
0005233: [New Feature] SingleStore dialect (josh-a-hicks)
0005201: [Bug] HSQLDB validation query results in "unexpected end of statement" error (emiller)
0005205: [Improvement] Azure managed instance support for bulk loading (josh-a-hicks)
0005208: [Bug] Design panel errors when transforms are not properly configured (josh-a-hicks)
0005209: [Bug] Auto.config.registration.svr.sql.script parameter doesn't get removed when setting up SymmetricDS with custom configuration (emiller)
0005215: [Bug] Test Connection button fails on Mail Server setup screen (emiller)
0005217: [Bug] Buttons in health panel on dashboard sometimes do nothing (emiller)
0005219: [Bug] On Login dialog, sort the nodes that are registration servers to the top safely (pmarzullo)
0005220: [Bug] Selecting multiple rows on a Configure screen and clicking the New button opens the wrong editor (emiller)
0005221: [Bug] Grid selection should not clear when filters change on Configure screens (emiller)
0005223: [Bug] Downloading snapshots doesn't always work in Firefox (emiller)
0005224: [Bug] Prevent triggers from being synced via the UI if they're already in the process of being synced (emiller)
0005225: [Improvement] Alphabetize items in catalog, schema, and table select fields in transform form (emiller)
0005230: [Bug] Transform form fields do not populate correctly (emiller)
0005234: [New Feature] SingleStore dialect (josh-a-hicks)
0005235: [Bug] Restarting engine from failed engine dialog not working (elong)
0005236: [Bug] Conflict winner can cause routing warning about mismatch table name (elong)
0005246: [Improvement] MSSQL auto create trigger options to exclude rowversion (elong)
0005249: [Improvement] Make it clear when links on Dashboard Shortcuts panel aren't working due to license violations (emiller)
0005250: [Bug] Fix database icons not always showing up in Design tab (emiller)
0005251: [Improvement] Suppress Vaadin's "Got an RPC for non-existent node" messages (emiller)
0005254: [Bug] Assigning a run period via the monitor form's "Customize" button doesn't work (emiller)
0005256: [Bug] Oracle log miner unsupported dmlType LOB_TRIM (elong)
0005258: [Bug] Catch exceptions when parsing an outgoing batch to view its sent data (emiller)
0005261: [Bug] Conflict form doesn't honor console.web.hide.system.info (emiller)
0005262: [Improvement] Make default node selection in Data Load Wizard less confusing (emiller)
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