0005266: [Bug] OnPrem to Cloud profile configuration not working (josh-a-hicks)
0005267: [New Feature] SingleStore log based support for non ANSI SQL statements (josh-a-hicks)
0005268: [Bug] Test Connection Button Not Working With Elasticsearch (jvanmeter)
0005275: [Improvement] Make "The background refresher service is shutting down" messages debug level (emiller)
0005277: [Bug] Fix phantom table issue in SQL Explorer database tree (emiller)
0005286: [Improvement] Rearrange lookup table layout on subset screen of Quick Config Wizard (emiller)
0005287: [Improvement] Add system memory and jvm bitness to snapshot (elong)
0005291: [Bug] Unable to Unregister 3rd Tier Node from Registration Server (jvanmeter)
0005294: [Improvement] Move images to src\main\resources\META-INF\resources (emiller)
0005296: [Bug] Elasticsearch getting java.lang.AbstractMethodError (jvanmeter)
0005297: [Improvement] Automatically set column width in SQL Explorer results grid (emiller)
0005298: [Improvement] Open Node Setup Wizard before Quick Config Wizard after initial setup (emiller)
0005299: [Improvement] Add current node to grid on Nodes dashboard panel (emiller)
0005300: [Bug] Oracle Log Mining issue with deletes when no primary keys defined (pmarzullo)
0005301: [Bug] Manage Logging panel opens log file and never closes when layout in log4j2.xml is different from original installed layout (pmarzullo)
0005303: [Bug] izpack failing to find release-notes.html file in stream (too far back) (pmarzullo)
0005310: [Bug] MSSQL log based replication support for database names that include a "-" (josh-a-hicks)
0005316: [Bug] Snapshot error on sym_outgoing_batch_summary for load-only node (elong)
0005317: [Bug] Transform Expression Window Sized Improperly (jvanmeter)
0005323: [Bug] Potential to get Infinite Recursive Loop when Downloading Module (jvanmeter)
0005324: [Bug] Fixed an issue with NoClassDefFoundError not being caught or thrown (jvanmeter)
0005325: [Bug] Added missing dependencies for MongoDB Atlas (jvanmeter)
0005326: [Bug] Use Mongo Id's Checkbox not Properly Saving to Parameters (jvanmeter)
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